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Harry M. Ayers, President and Publisher, H. Personal whims, religious beliefs, long- held prejudices and the like have no bearing in the matter. All couples eligible for marriage can ask for and receive a marriage. End of story. Since the U. Supreme Court to begin issuing marriage s, including to same-sex couples. Davis, who describes herself as an Apostolic Christian, counters that doing such goes against her religious beliefs. Putting her name on a same-sex marriage would constrict her religious freedom, she says.

Davis, the U. Not so much for Davis, the county clerk who draws a salary from taxpayers and is charged with issuing marriage s in Rowan County, Ky. Not so fast, literary expert says. Online at annistonstar.

It speaks to a culture of violence deeply ingrained into a community. Periodical postage paid at Anniston, AL. BoxAnniston, AL They must be ed and are subject to editing for length, clarity, content and taste. Writers must include a phone for confirmation purposes.

Please limit letter submissions to once every 30 days. The question was whether she could do so on her own terms, as a last act of autonomy.

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Lynette Cederquist, who regrets that Maynard had to move to Oregon in order to do so, is working with others to change California law to allow physician assistance in dying. Maynard, a year- old newlywed, knew that her brain cancer would fill her final months with excruciating headaches, seizures, paralysis, loss of eyesight and the ability to speak.

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Radiation and chemotherapy would have purchased mere months. Advances in public health and medical capabilities for prolonging life — and dying — intensify interest in end-of-life issues. In some countries, doctors actively administer lethal injections.

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Almost 30 percent of Medicare expenditures are for patients in the last six months of life and about 16 percent of patients die in, or soon after leaving, intensive care units. The American Medical Association remains opposed to physician assistance in dying; the California Medical Association has moved from opposition to neutrality.

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There are reasons for wariness. A right to die can become a felt obligation, particularly among bewildered persons tangled in the toils of medical technologies, or persons with meager family resources. And as a reason for ending life, mental suffering itself calls into question the existence of the requisite decisional competence. Life, however, is inevitably lived on multiple slippery slopes: Taxation could become confiscation, police could become instruments of oppression, public education could become indoctrination, etc.

Everywhere and always, civilization depends on the drawing of intelligent distinctions. Possessing the option was sufficient reassurance. There is nobility in suffering bravely borne, but also in affirming at the end the distinctive human dignity of autonomous choice.

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Brittany Maynard, who chose to be with loved ones when she self-administered her lethal medications, was asleep in five minutes and soon dead. George Will writes for The Washington Post.

: georgewill washpost. Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Elizabeth Hamner, a Bentley appointee to the court inwas persuaded by those arguments. There are a couple of hitches in that legal logic, however. The governor of Alabama lives in government housing. He has the use of a state plane. A state-funded security detail is by his side at all times.

His work space and support staff are paid for by Alabama taxpayers. In this sense, little to nothing a governor does in office is a wholly private matter.

T here are valid reasons to seal divorces proceedings — the safety and well-being of underage children or an abused spouse, for example. Dana Summers is editorial cartoonist for the Orlando Sentinel. As a resident of Kentucky, I find that your state parks in the northern part of Alabama are ideal for a long weekend trip. We have enjoyed stays at Joe Wheeler great golf and Guntersville fishing on multiple occasions. We are returning to Alabama in a few weeks to spend some time on our way to Myrtle Beach, S.

As you can see by looking at a map, we are going the long way around to arrive in Myrtle Beach. That is by de so we can visit Alabama.

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We will not be parking our RV at a state park on this trip. Instead, we will be staying at a private campground on both weekends of our trip. Our Alabama habit brings income to both your park system and to your private businesses.

I am sending this message so you can understand it is the fine facilities at your parks that brought us to Alabama in the first place. The people who hold your purse strings must be educated to realize that the tax money spent to help maintain the park system has benefits that extend far beyond the money spent by me on the park fees. People who work in your restaurants, grocery stores, filling stations and entertainment industry get their fair share of that and so does the state when it collects tax dollars. Please ensure that the people in Montgomery are aware that their Alabama park system is more of an investment than an expenditure.

Mike Schuster Paducah, Ky. Try it free.

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